A New Solar School in Pakistan - Benchmark School System Embraced Solar Energy
A New Solar School in Pakistan – Benchmark School System Embraced Solar Energy

Islamabad: In collaboration with Goethe Institut, the Benchmark school system embraced solar energy and converted its operations to solar power.

PGREF, Pakistan-German Renewable Energy Forum, and The Benchmark School System Islamabad collaborated with Goethe Institut to power the school with solar energy.

The official launch of the solar school project took place in an event where the successful installation of solar systems at Benchmark School was announced and celebrated. 

The event was marked as a positive collaboration between Pakistan and Germany. 

The attendees include students, teachers, and organizations active in the renewable energy sector.

The principal of Benchmark School. Ms. Kulsoom Tanvir remarked at the solar project inauguration.

“We are very proud of being the first solar school project in Pakistan. The idea behind this project is to engage the youth of Pakistan in the areas of climate change and renewable energy resources. We appreciate all our students, teachers, and project partners and hope to continue and build upon such projects in the future.”

Mr. Julian Scheider, the Project Manager, stated that,

“This project is not only about covering the electricity generation for the school but also about integrating renewable energy into the curriculum of the school in a tangible and interactive way.”

In the event, the students presented their renewable energy projects, emphasizing the importance of RE in current times.

Moreover, Ms. Amanda from the British Council remarked,

“I congratulate Benchmark School for being the first Solar School in Pakistan. We emphasize and encourage such initiatives and continue to work directly with individuals to help you gain the skills, competence, and connections to transform their lives and shape a better future.”

Goethe Institut representative, Ms. Maha, noted,

“This event highlights the joint efforts of all our project partners, and I would like to congratulate everybody on an outstanding performance. We, at Goethe Institute, work closely to promote such cooperation between Germany and Pakistan.”

A local PV installer company installed the solar school project. Solar schools are equipped with solar suitcases used to integrate the topic of solar and PV energy into physics lessons while providing students with real-time examples with practical and interactive experimentation.

The German Federal Foreign Office started the solar school project in 2021. Schools Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Karshi (Uzbekistan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Astana (Kazakhstan and now Benchmark (Pakistan) have successfully joined the project network.

With Benchmark School’s transformation, a new solar school emerged in Pakistan, which will set an example for other educational institutes in the country, encouraging renewable energy and promising a greener future.