Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP)
12th Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) Fair Highlights
Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan

The 12th edition of the IEEEP Fair was held at Karachi Expo Center between 3 to 5 October 2023. Chinese investors, at the event, seek electrical partnerships with Pakistan.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan successfully organized its 12th IEEEP event that primarily focuses on showcasing and promoting technological innovations and engineering collaboration of the energy sector masterminds.
The IEEEP’s fair was expected to attract 10,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors, said Chairman IEEEP (Karachi Center) Engr. Khalid Pervez. The soft launch of the 12th IEEEP event was held at a local hotel in Karachi.
The event’s chief guest was Sindh’s Secretary of Planning & Development, Faisal Ahmed Uqaili. Patron-in-Chief of ABAD Mohsin Sheikhani, Hanif Gohar, Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, and organizing committee members of IEEEP and BXSS also attended the event.
The chief guest complimented IEEEP’s efforts in promoting technological progress and industry collaboration in Pakistan.
According to him, the IEEEP 12th edition fair is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs, engineers, and industry professionals to share ideas and learn from each other.
IEEEP Fair, being the biggest platform for electronics and electrical engineering exhibitions, attracted Chinese investors to electrical partnerships in Pakistan.
Multiple Chinese companies, including Faraday Powertech, exhibited their latest technological products at the event.
The exhibitor of Farady Powertech said that;
“We have signed some MoUs with local industry partners at the expo. Our company has entered the Pakistani market for many years and has participated in several significant projects in Pakistan, such as the Pakistan Deep Water Container Port project in Karachi. We look forward to more cooperation with Pakistani companies in the future.”
Mohsin Sheikhani praised the IEEEP event, highlighting its potential for promotion and innovation in the real estate and construction sector,
Chairman IEEEP (Karachi Center) Engr. Khalid Pervez said,
“The IEEEP exhibition aims to foster innovation and collaboration within the electrical and electronics engineering community. This soft launch provided a sneak peek into the exciting initiatives and opportunities that the fair will offer.”
The event organizer, Zohair Naseer, underscored that the IEEEP fair is a significant platform for professional and industrial networking and knowledge exchange.
According to Mirza Iftikhar Baig, former PM advisor, the IEEEP’s efforts will facilitate industry leaders and experts to explore new tech and engineering horizons.
M Zubair Motiwala, chief executive of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), also attended the event.
He remarked that increasing joint ventures and technology transfers can address Pakistan’s economic crisis. He also mentioned that the IEEEP Fair provides a distinct platform for exhibitors in electronics, electrical engineering, and renewable energy. Visitors, consultants, and exhibitors can make fruitful connections by exchanging insights at the event.
He also stated that;
“This exhibition provides an avenue to explore a multitude of innovative and cost-effective solutions to address engineering-related challenges. Pakistan is shy of joint ventures, so I suggest to our industrial sector that they should look for technological transfer through joint ventures.”
Earlier in 2023, several exhibitions were held promoting the renewable energy sector and attracting international investors to finance Pakistan’s energy sector. Such events positively make Pakistan an energy-independent country while simultaneously helping the government combat the financial crisis.