Dawlance Factory Shifted Its Operations to Solar Energy
Dawlance Factory Shifted Its Operations to Solar Energy

Karachi: Dawlance has shifted one of its manufacturing facilities to solar energy. The installed solar system would cover 20% of the factory’s power needs by producing 4000 kilowatts of renewable energy.

The well-known electric goods industrialist Dawlance has converted one of its factory’s operations to solar power. The installed PV system will meet 20% of the factory’s electricity needs.

As per official sources, the solar power system installation at the Dawlance factory cost over 600,000 Euros investment. The solar power plant will enable the Dawlance factory to generate 4,000 kilowatts of electricity.

Umar Ahsan Khan, the Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance, stated:

“This Solar Power initiative will ensure a 20% reduction in the carbon footprint of this factory. Being an industry leader – Dawlance is inspiring all the major enterprises in Pakistan to generate renewable energy to reduce the environmental impact and save energy costs during business operations.”

Dawlance is a Pakistani home appliances manufacturing company based in Karachi. Turkish company Arçelik subsidizes the brand Dawlance, Europe’s second-largest home appliances manufacturing company.

On the inauguration of the solar power system at Dawlance factory in Karachi, the Consul General of Turkiye – Cemal Sangu, stated:

“Pakistan and Turkiye are two brotherly Muslim nations, working together in various socio-economic fields to enhance industrial growth and nurture technologies for a better quality of life. Seeing that our collaborative venture – Dawlance- is continuously sustainably increasing its productivity is delightful.”

Large-scale manufacturing factories consume too much electricity. An increased demand for electricity results in more fuel consumption to produce power, which affects the environment haphazardly. The GHG emitted by fuel combustion destroys the ozone layer and lets ultraviolet rays penetrate it, causing Earth health hazards.

The Dawlance company’s “Progress Today – Preserve Tomorrow” initiative focuses on developing a sustainable future. Shifting to solar power articulated the company’s dedication to zero carbon. The inauguration of the solar power plant depicts Dawlance as a socially responsible organization.