DFSK to Launch Electric Vehicle in Pakistan
DFSK to Launch Electric Vehicle in Pakistan

Despite the economic crisis and continuous hike in petroleum products, commuting in Pakistan is getting out of hand each passing day. However, introducing electric vehicles facilitated the people of Pakistan to an extent. After the MG 4 EV launch in the country, several automobile companies have launched EVs in Pakistan. And this time, Regal Mobile is launching DFSK Seres 3 EV in Pakistan.

Regal Automobiles plans to launch the DFSK Seres 3 EV in mid-October 2023.

The DFSK Seres 3 EV is manufactured with a state-of-the-art engine with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). 

A 49kWh Lithium-ion battery is integrated, which can generate 120kW of power and 300 Newton meters (Nm) of torque. The automobile has three drive modes: Normal, Eco, and Sports. The company claims that the DFSK Seres 3 electric vehicle gives a mileage of 400 Km on a single charge.

With 18-inch alloy wheels, auto retractable side mirrors, and LED headlamps with DRLs, the exterior of the Seres 3 car is a deluxe car for personal and family use.

The deluxe interior includes cruise control, front heated seats, AC with climate control, a multi-functional display, and built-in speakers.

Regarding the safety of the DFSK Seres 3 EV, the vehicle has six airbags, a well-designed tire pressure monitoring system, parking sensors, and a forward collision warning system. Furthermore, the electric car has a 360 camera, traction control, electronic stability control, and hill descent assist to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience.

The price of the DFSK Seres 3 EV pricing is as follows;


VariantTotal PriceBooking Price
CKDPKR 9,599,000PKR 3,000,000
CBUPKR 11,799,000PKR 5,000,000


Electric vehicles in Pakistan promise a green and sustainable future. With Audi, Siemens, and MG, DFSK will be available to the public as an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline cars.